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Genesis and Exodus of the Amish

Documentary films about Amish Society before and after migration to America.


The documentary films are shown in The Locke Township Meeting House as part of the admission to the historic farm. They may be viewed together or before or after the guided tour of the house and farmstead.

GenesisGenesis begins with ancient prophsey as fulfilled by the coming of the Christian religion and progresses to Martin Luther's Reformation. From here the fourth and most conservative of the protestant wings, the Anabaptists, is described through the persecutions of the next several centuries. Out of this tradition came Amish Society in 1693. Its development set the cultural norms of the community that still define the Amish and Mennonites today.

Exodus begins with William Penn's invitation when Amish began arriving in Pennsylvania before the American Revolution, promised religious freedom, and became highly accomplished farmers. Many soon set out heading west into Ohio and Indiana seeking economic opportunity to accompany their new found religious freedom.

It is an inspiring journey that is today celebrated through education, enlightenment and entertainment at Amish Acres, the only Amish farm listed in The National Register of Historic Places.