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Guided House & Farm Tour


Get enlightened and educated about Amish culture and history

Amish AcresEscape to Amish Acres and share the heritage of these intriguing people in quiet celebration. Time stopped over a century ago and preserves in the Amish, a way of life nearly forgotten in today's fast paced world. The legacy of the three generations of the family who lived here is seen and felt through a nostalgic visit to the farm and homestead.

Relax as you view the documentary films Genesis and Exodus of the Amish, walk the oaken floorboards of the 125 year old Amish homestead, and take a leisurely buggy ride around the 80 acre farm. You'll learn the whys and ways of the Amish as your guide directs you through the 12 room white frame house, the Grossdaadi Haus, the Sweitzer bank barn and inviting outbuildings. You'll experience the sights and sounds of a working farm, alive with barnyard hens, livestock, gardens and apple orchard.

Amish AcresOn the farm, crafts and chores still follow the flow of the seasons. Maple syrup, apple butter, sorghum molasses and dried foods are produced here just as they were hundreds of years ago. You'll see how hand stitched Amish quilts are created, and watch demonstrations of other traditional crafts; including lye soap and broom making, and candle dipping. Many of the demonstrations of chores are seasonal and subject to weather. See the Artist's Rendering of Amish Acres and descriptions of all of the historic buildings.

Amish AcresYour guide will call you with the dinner bell to the farm's gate following the documentary films Genesis and Exodus of the Amish, which follow the unlikely development of this unique sect from the beginning of the Reformation to religious freedom in America and successful integration into the modern world without being part of it. 

As you walk together through the orchard and past the kitchen garden, you'll come upon the outbuildings that dry food, bake bread, and smoke meat. Here lye soap is made from the rendered lard and leached lye. Then step into the original 1873 dwelling, now a summer kitchen and wash room, before entering the main house. Your guide will explain the history of Amish society and the four generations of Amish families who have lived on the farm. Traditional customs relating to dress, transportation, and the use of modern equipment are explained.

Enjoy exploring the Schweitser bank barn and out buildings. A horse or tractor drawn wagon circles the farm’s pond stopping at the German one room schoolhouse and passing by the blacksmith shop, maple sugar camp, ice house, mint distillery, broom shop, weaving house and railroad crossing guard building. Vintage horse drawn farm implements are displayed in the barn yard, and the pasture is home to the farm’s horses. A visit to the gross daadi house where Joy quilts is a highlight.

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