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Nappanee, In the Eyes of a Booster


If this history of Elkhart county had been complied two decades ago, a consistent representation of Nappanee, have given its history a place in the chapter on "smaller centers." But so rapidly has this phenomenal center of population in the southwest corner of our county forged to the front in respects of population, business activity, and industrial resources, as separate consideration under distinct capitular title as one of the three chief centers of this county. To celebrate the thirty odd years of Nappanee's prosperous existence Mr. G. N. Murray, the well known editor of the Nappanee News, has just compiled a comprehensive history of the city, which he kindly furnished for publication, in its essential points, in this work.

A clean town morally, socially, and religiously. A town with beautiful shaded streets and well kept lawns, with handsome homes, and more miles of cement sidewalk than any small town in the state, and creditable business houses and hotels; a town where farmers can sell their produce, grain and stock, and buy from merchants who carry up-to-date stocks of goods in all the various commercial lines, as well as building materials and wholesale manufactured products. A town with ten churches, of Sunday-schools, of good public schools, of places of amusement, a town of industrious and sober mechanics, of public spirited citizens who work together unselfishly to improve the community in which they live; a town with all the modern benefits of banking, of railroad, telegraph, electric lights and water works and pure water. A town with many fraternal and insurance orders, and courteous, well-read professional men.