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Miss Nelson Has a Field Day

Miss Nelson Has A Field DaySecond Stage Productions
Based on the books Miss Nelson Has a Field Day by Harry Allard; Illustrated by James Marshall
Book, Music & Lyrics by Joan Cushing

Produced by special arrangement with the Susan Gurman Agency, LLC.



Cast Bios
Production Staff Bios
Creative Team Bios







Miss Nelson Has a Field Day Cast


Coach Armstrong


Jeremy Littlejohn

Miss Nelson


Emily Baer

Principal Blandsworth


Shelby Tyler Nichols

Kenny (Quarterback)


Ryan Yoder

Daniel (Wide Receiver)


Brock Butler

Patrick (Defensive Tackle)


Rory Dunn

Lauren (Cheerleader)


Caitlin Borek


Miss Nelson Has a Field Day Staff


Executive Producer


Richard Pletcher

Associate Producer


George Bush

Artistic Director


Jeremy Littlejohn



Rory Dunn

Music Director


Travis Smith

Production Stage Manager/Props


Monica Gauer

Technical Director


Ted Lantz



Catherine Menkel-Lawrence

ASM/Sound Designer


Spencer Holdeman

Set Designer


Richard Pletcher

Lighting Designer


Jeremy Littlejohn

Scenic Artist


Matthew C. Scott

Box Office Manager


Jennifer Scheffer

Archive Videographer


Steve Jones




Scenes and Musical Numbers


Scene 1 the Horace B. Smedley Football Field


The Horace B. Smedley Fight Song

Lauren & Company

Scene 2 the Horace B. Smedley Football Field


Doom and Gloom!


Scene 3 the Horace B. Smedley Football Field


Scene 4 Room 207; Miss Nelson's Classroom


Scene 5 Lulu's Ice Cream Parlor


The Legend of Viola Swamp

Tornadoes & Blandsworth

Scene 6 the Horace B. Smedley Football Field


More! More! More!

Coach Swamp

Scene 7 the Horace B. Smedley Football Field


The Drill

Coach Swamp & the Tornadoes


Blandsworth & the Tornadoes

Scene 8 Room 207


The History Lesson

Miss Nelson & the Tornadoes

Scene 9 the Horace B. Smedley Football Field


The Tornado Ballet (Instrumental)


The Horace B. Smedley Fight Song (Reprise)


Doom and Gloom (Reprise)/ Finale



Miss Nelson Has a Field Day Cast Bios

Emily Baer (Miss Nelson) is thrilled to be whipping this team into shape!  She learned lots about football from this show.  Emily is more of a girly girl and likes kittens and nail polish.  What she loves most about theater is that she gets to play both girly girls and football coaches in the same show.  Did we mention she likes kittens?





Caitlin Borek (Lauren) My favorite colors are maroon and turquoise and my favorite food is buffalo wings!  I love watching Adventure Time and classic Scooby-Doo.  My favorite kid’s book is Oh, the Places You’ll Go! by Dr. Seuss.  I love playing dress up, flashlight tag, and kickball.  Enjoy the show, and please go see more theatre!!!  Also, I find it very important that people like both cats AND dogs. 




Brock Butler (Daniel) My favorite food would definitely have to be Sushi and Cookie Dough is my favorite ice cream flavor!  My favorite TV show is Doctor Who.  When I’m not at the theatre, I go to the movies A LOT and also really love Cedar Point!  I like to read too.  My favorite books are anything by Roald Dahl (especially Matilda), The Westing Game and The Graveyard Book.  Hope you enjoy the show!

Rory Dunn (Patrick/Director) likes to spend his free time saving the world from whatever threat his newest video game has found for him.  When he isn’t rescuing Princesses, or grinding for killer loot, Rory can be found reading Spider-Man comics, following Luffy’s Quest for One Piece, or watching Doctor Who (if time allows it).  Rory is glad to have a chance to work with this excellent cast!




Jeremy Littlejohn (Armstrong/Artistic Director) Hi Everyone!  I remember reading this book when I was a kid 100 years ago.  I also enjoyed Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing and Superfudge by Judy Blume, and From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler by E.L. KonigsburgOn T.V., I love The Simpsons, Futurama, Battlestar Galactica and Buffy the Vampire Slayer!  My favorite books are Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings and anything by Stephen King.  I recently started playing the PS3 Batman game, Arkham City, but I enjoy MLB The Show most of all.  I’m quite fond of bacon cheeseburgers, baked Doritos and any form of Chinese Buffet!  Enjoy the show!


Shelby Nichols (Blandsworth) If I could be any superhero it would be Superman!  I like to draw, swim and sing.  I’ve been acting since I was eight years old and it is my favorite thing to do in the whole world!  I hope you have fun at the show!





Ryan Yoder (Kenny) Hi everyone!  Glad you're at the show!  When I'm not acting, my favorite activities are playing tennis and driving a tractor at my family's farm.  I also like reading, and my favorite books are The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter.  My favorite animated movies are How to Train Your Dragon and Aladdin.  I also think macaroni and cheese is the best food in the whole world!  I have a lot of fun doing the show, and I hope you enjoy it!




Miss Nelson Has a Field Day Staff Biographies

Monica Gauer (Production Stage Manager) was born and raised in nearby Laporte, Indiana.  She graduated from the University of Southern Indiana with a B.A. in Theater Arts, after which she married her high school sweetheart.  When she was younger, Monica remembered coming to the Round Barn Theatre and now she is excited to work here behind the scenes.  She hopes you enjoy the show!

Spencer Holdeman (Sound Designer) is 22 years old and was born and raised here, in Nappanee.  He attended ITT Tech and is thrilled to be spending his second season designing Sound here at the Round Barn Theatre.

Ted Lantz (Technical Director) is in his second season at the Round Barn Theatre after retiring from 34 years in Education.  He is at home on a stage, having been involved in Show Choir and Drama at Bremen High School.  A native of the Nappanee area, Ted resides with his wife, Chris, in nearby Wakarusa.  He enjoys frequent trips to his Alma Mater, Manchester College where his daughter, Kelsey, is a senior.  He especially enjoys visiting Maine, where his son, Jordan, is a student at Bowdoin College.

Richard Pletcher (Producer), with his father LaVern, founded Amish Acres in 1968. The Amish farm was preserved and restored and is now listed in The National Register of Historic Places. Following a one year experiment in dinner-theatre with George Bledsoe in 1971, he added musical theatre to the interpretation of the historic farm by producing Plain and Fancy in the Locke Township Meeting House in 1986. It moved to the Round Barn Theatre in 1991. The play has been running for 25 consecutive years having surpassed 3,500 performances before audiences of over 350,000 people. Plain and Fancy’s Tony Award® winning author Joseph Stein and Tony Award® winning composer Albert Hague have attended Plain and Fancy at Amish Acres.

At Mr. Stein’s urging Amish Acres became a regional musical repertory theatre in 1996 with the addition of five shows in rotation with Plain and Fancy each season. Amish Acres has now produced seventy two different main stage Broadway musicals and The Round Barn Theatre stage is named for and dedicated to Joseph Stein. Eight of Mr. Stein’s musicals have been produced on his stage, including Plain and Fancy, Fiddler on the Roof, The Baker’s Wife, and Zorba, plus staged readings of Take Me Along, Rags, and Carmelina, plus a Second Stage Production of Enter Laughing. As you might expect, he has said that The Round Barn Theatre is his favorite regional theatre with which he has been associated.

In October of 2006, Dick and his wife Susan were guests of Joseph and Elisa Stein in New York City for the York Theatre’s Mufti Series production of Plain and Fancy, the last in a month long, three show festival of Stein’s work that included Take Me Along and Carmelina. Artistic Director James Morgan recognized Amish Acres’ twenty year production of Plain and Fancy in the program and in his introductions from the stage. The Pletchers and Jeremy Littlejohn attended the York’s presentation of the Oscar Hammerstein Lifetime Achievement Award in Musical Theatre to Joseph Stein in November of 2007. Stein was further inducted into the Theatre Hall of Fame in February of 2008. He passed away in 2010 and the Joseph Stein Memorial Fund was created to provide free season tickets to kids.

Travis Smith (Music Director) is returning to Amish Acres after spending the last few seasons performing and Music Directing various productions.  Originally from Columbus, Ohio, he has worked with several theatres across the Midwest.  Travis is also an accomplished Composer and Arranger, currently working on a new production entitled Steeple People Gospel about a male gospel quartet.

“Enjoy the show and please visit!”


Miss Nelson Has a Field Day Creative Team Bios

Harry Allard (Author) was born in Evanston, Illinois, on January 27, 1928. He graduated from Amundsen High School in Evanston in 1946 and went on to receive his B.S. from Northwestern University in 1949. Still thirsty for knowledge, he continued his studies at Middlebury College in Middlebury, Vermont, where he completed his M.A. in French. He continued his study of language and was awarded a Ph. D. in French literature from Yale University in 1972. Throughout the years, he has used his foreign language skills to translate two books from German to English. He also prides himself on being fluent in Spanish. Although he never planned to write children’s books, Harry teamed up with his friend James Marshall in the early 1970s and embarked on a remarkable and exciting partnership which lasted until Marshall’s death in the early 1990s. They collaborated on as many as twelve titles, among them the misadventures of the Stupid family and the Miss Nelson books. Harry Allard currently lives in Oaxaca, Mexico.  Source:

Joan Cushing (Book, Music and Lyrics), a former elementary school teacher and cabaret performer, is best known for her political satirical revue Mrs. Foggybottom & Friends, which opened in 1986 at New Playwrights Theatre, and moved to the Omni-Shoreham Hotel in Washington, D.C., where it ran for 10 hit years, and four years on the road, including performances at Don’t Tell Mama and The Triad in NYC. Also in New York, she performed her solo nightclub act Lady Sings the News! at the Ballroom, filling in for Blossom Dearie, appeared in Gary Trudeau’s Tanner for President series on HBO, directed by Robert Altman, and studied musical theatre writing at the BMI Musical Theatre Workshop with Lehman Engel and Maury Yeston.

Recently, she has adapted 13 popular children's books as musicals, receiving over 350 productions and 2 national tours: Miss Nelson Is Missing!, winner of the 2003 Nat’l Children’s Theatre Festival; Junie B. Jones & a Little Monkey Business!; Miss Nelson Has a Field Day!; Petite Rouge: A Cajun Red Riding Hood (2007 NY Musical Theatre Festival); Heidi (w playwright Martha King De Silva); all commissioned by Imagination Stage, Lawrence, commissioned by Gabrielino High School; and Brave Irene, commissioned by Adventure Theatre. According to TYA Magazine, she is “the most produced playwright in children's theatre” and Miss Nelson Is Missing! is “the most produced play.” Source:
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (Publisher) is an educational and trade publisher in the United States. Headquartered in Boston's Back Bay, it publishes textbooks, instructional technology materials, assessments, reference works, and fiction and non-fiction for both young readers and adults. The company was formerly known as Houghton Mifflin Company but changed its name following the 2007 acquisition of Harcourt Publishing. Prior to March 2010, it was a subsidiary of Education Media and Publishing Group Limited, an Irish-owned holding company registered in the Cayman Islands and formerly known as Riverdeep.  Source:

James Marshall (Author / Illustrator) was born in San Antonio, Texas where his father worked for the railroad and had a dance band. James Marshall studied to play the viola and intended to have a musical career. Then his hand was injured during an airplane flight and his musical career was finished. He met Harry Allard, with whom he later wrote many picture books, when he was a student at Trinity College. James Marshall taught Spanish in a Catholic school near Boston upon graduation from college. His first book, George and Martha, was inspired by a famous play, Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf in which the main characters were named George and Martha.  For many years he divided his time between an apartment in New York City and his home in Mansfield Hollow, Connecticut. James Marshall died in October, 1992.  James Marshall's work is usually gently humorous. He has several books in series: Miss Nelson, George & Martha, The Cut-Ups, The Stupids and The Rats, for instance. In those books, his characters change very little. James Marshall's work can be categorized as fairy tale renditions, series such as The Cut-ups, Miss Nelson, and George & Martha. Look at many books in one series and then try to decide what Marshall is trying to tell us. Source: