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Peter Pan

Andrea DiGregorio, Peter Pan, is surrounded
by Capt. Hook and the Pirates

Peter Pan and Pals flying across
the Round Barn Theatre Stage

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When Andrea DiGregorio, who continues as Princess Leonade in Triumph of Love, Hilda in Plain and Fancy and Denise in Smoke on the Mountain, assumes the title role in the musical comedy version of Sir James Barrie's Peter Pan at the Round Barn Theatre from November 14th through December 31st, 2000, she will certainly deserve her reward of one of the most coveted plums for actresses in the American Theatre. She joins the illustrious company of Maude Adams, Mary Martin, Sandy Duncan and Cathy Rigby.

Round Barn TheatreThe old axiom that humor changes every fifty years is dashed by Barrie's delightful brand of whimsy about the boy who wouldn't grow up. In 1954, the fiftieth anniversary of its first presentation, the first musical edition of Peter Pan was produced and became a great hit. It was then that Peter Pan proved his own argument in favor of perpetual youth; Sir James Barrie's fantasy hadn't aged a bit!

Peter PanThe lavish additions of music and ballet to a time-honored classic had many theatrical prophets dourly predicting the doom of Peter Pan. The trouble was, they just didn't know Peter. No additions, no deletions, neither height nor depth, can touch the spirit of the gleeful sprite who is Barrie's contribution to immortality, summed up when Peter cries out exuberantly, "I'm youth and joy and freedom!"

The trappings of a modern musical extravaganza can only serve to enhance Peter Pan, for the libretto is still by Barrie and the humor is lasting. Peter's permanence lies in the fact that he is every small child crying out against the unfairness of the big people world. He is every adult, wishing he were a child again. The difference between ordinary mortals and the winsome Peter is that he approaches the problem with a good deal more grace. His resolve to remain a boy cannot be shaken, and he is so captivating, so smiling, so affectionate and so happy that none can quarrel with his decision in favor of continuous childhood. Audiences love Peter because they find a bit of themselves- often a bit they thought they had lost- in his joyous, soaring personality.

Captain HookActresses playing the role through the years have all had one particular experience in common-they cease to be themselves, they become Peter Pan. This is not the Stanislavsky method, but rather the righteous demand of the under-seven set to whom Peter Pan is not all make-believe. Children's absorption in the play is always so intense that they are apt to speak their thoughts right out loud in the middle of a performance.

Mary Martin, the first of the musical Peter Pans, once commented that it was like having a beehive out front. There was the famous incident-- during a dramatic moment with the audience temporarily silent-- of the clear, piping voice that inquired, "Peter Pan, will you come home with me?" And there was another delightful episode when a voice suddenly announced, "Peter, I am marvelous of you!"

Peter Pan Miss DiGregorio, once the musical has opened in November, has been advised that she had better make plans to relinquish her own personality for the duration of the run and simply become Peter Pan. She has been advised to carry large amounts of the show's prop "fairy dust" with her at all times-one never knows when one will meet a Peter Pan admirer-and to plan to stay hours after each matinee teaching little children to fly, to crow, and reassuring them that neither Captain Hook or the man-eating crocodile would really hurt them at all.

Flying at Amish AcresZFX Flying will be responsible for the intricate aerial choreography that finds Peter, John, Michael and Wendy flying throughout the Round Barn Theatre. The tradition of actually flying Peter was begun in England when Peter first took to the stage in live performance. An entire industry has grown around the rigging that makes magic every time Peter flies. The company specializes in custom rigging the theatre to elevate the imagination of actors and audience together. The four-man firm has been responsible for Cathy Rigby's 1990 Broadway Peter Pan production and has visited the theatre at Amish Acres to take measurements, photographs and blueprints back to the office in Las Vegas to prepare their magic in time for opening night.

One of the most fitting tributes to Peter Pan came from its originator's will, which decreed that royalty payments go to the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children in London. In 1987, when the copyright had run out in the United Kingdom, Parliament voted approval of a special amendment that guarantees the hospital its royalty payments in perpetuity. Now Peter smiles over the Lords of London every time he takes flight.

Indians in Peter PanMusical collaboration among composer Mark Charlap and lyricist Carolyn Leigh with the famous team of Jule Styne, Betty Comden and Adolph Green becomes seamless for this show. The music includes "I've Got to Crow" and "I'm Flying." Styne wrote "Never Never Land" for Mary Martin, who starred for over a year on Broadway as Peter in 1954, and the rebellious "I Won't Grow Up."

Artistic director Michael Cripe makes his debut as Choreographer and Director. Mr. Cripe has acted in the Cathy Rigby production of Peter Pan. Sherry K will provide musical direction. The sets are designed by Steve Shumaker of Philadelphia whose most recent work is for Hershey Park. Ike Foust is Technical Director, Tim Bennett is Sound Designer, Costumes are by Jennifer Weaver and David Castaneda will design the lighting.

Wendy DarlingStephanie Steidley will portray Wendy, the winning and gentle little girl who becomes mother to the little lost boys of Never Land. Tiger Lily will be played by Jennifer Grace, Smee by Rick Dakota Hart, Mrs. Darling by Jennifer Weaver. The monumentally sinful Captain Hook will be played by Aaron Fuksa. Tinker Bell will be played by herself, of course., A ferocious group of pirates and a band of Indian children along with the lion, the kangaroo, ostrich and crocodile, who by biting off his hand, gives Captain Hook his name, make a magical menagerie for even the most imaginative audience members.

People that fly like birds and animals that behave like people are among the fascinating features awaiting Round Barn Theatre audiences when Peter Pan flies through the rafters.

Darling FamilyThe show opens in previews November 14, with opening night scheduled for Saturday night, November 18, and will run through December 31. Evening performances are at 8 p.m. and matinees are at 2 p.m. Theme buffets are served each Friday night by reservation only. Threshers Dinner served daily. For tickets, dinner-theatre and lodging packages, go to or call the box office at 1-800-800-4942.

Jennifer Grace is Tiger Lily

Jennifer Grace is Tiger Lily

Adult cast for Peter Pan
Cecco Sam Brown
Peter Pan Andrea DiGregorio
Captain Hook Aaron Fuksa
Noodler Robert Geils
Liza Jenn Grace
Smee Rick Dakota Hart
Musical Director Sherry K
Wendy Elisabeth Kline
Nana Joe Manley
Crocodile Tim McCormick
Indian Scott Saegesser
Wendy Grown up Stephanie Steidley
Pirate gal Susan South
Mullins Pete Wehle
Prop Assistant Courtney Papa
June Jennifer L. Weaver
Mr. Darling Jason Lawergren

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Aaron Fuska is Captain Hook.

Aaron Fuksa is Captain Hook

Children's Cast for Peter Pan

John Darling Forest Somers
Michael Darling Dane Van Paris
Curley, Lost Boy Adam Jones
Slightly, Lost Boy Adam Ganyard
Tootles, Lost Boy Alek Schafer
Big Twin, Lost Boy Jeremy Fattorusso
Little Twin, Lost Boy Luke Fattorusso
Nibs, Lost Boy Sam Schertz
Littlest, Lost Boy Riley Johnson
Jane Kimberly Conelley
Indian Alexandra Pote
Indian Courtney Helman
Lost Boy alternate Kendra Lentz
Lost Boy alternate Emily Kuhn

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Andrea DiGregorio is Peter Pan

Andrea DiGregorio is Peter Pan

Peter Pan
Theme Buffet

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Never Never Land Cafe

Chicken and Stars Soup

Peter Pan Peanut Butter Raw Vegetables
Heavenly Bodies of Cheeses

Curley's Confection Salad
Wilted Greens with Bacon Dressing

Wendy Darling Lover's Knot Bread
Wonder Bread from Never Never Land

Beef Wellington with Cranberry Relish
Captain Hook's Fish Filets
Pinwheel Pasta with Baked Vegetables
Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches

Sweet Potatoes with Marshmallows
Tiger Lilly Indian Corn
Broccoli Spears Drizzled with Smee's Cheese Sauce

Angel Food Cake
James Barrie Berry Pie
Tinker Bell Milky Way
Brenda's Famous Crème Brulé

Pirate's Grog

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