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Merlin bewitched

August 1 - September 10
Music: Frederick Loewe
Lyrics and Book: Alan Jay Lerner

Don't let it be forgot, That once there was a spot -
For one brief shinning moment - That was known as Camelot

A note from Sam Brown, playing King Pellinore  

"I was in the gift shop today and was stopped by a woman who knows me.  She told me her son passed away a week ago.  She decided to come see "Camelot" to escape for awhile.  She was too emotionally churned up to go through the meet and greet line, so she took this opportunity to tell me what she wanted to say.  With tears welling up in her eyes she said, "You were awesome, Sam.  Awesome."  I have never felt so humbled yet lifted up at the same time.

But I know that I am not awesome.  Theater is awesome.  This production of "Camelot" is awesome.  And none of it would have been possible without every single member of the cast and staff.  I took her praise and now I give it to all of you.  You are awesome."

Sam Arthur and Lancelot meet
The legendary Camelot is the kingdom that saw the birth of the Knights of the Round Table and met its end when King Arthur and his most noble and loyal knight, Lancelot, find that they are in love with the same woman, Guinevere. We see the birth and rise of the legend in all its glory and splendor, and its final days, which have spawned countless tales of chivalry and sacrifice. Camelot is one of the most enduring legends of all time and continues to captivate audiences today. With a lush and memorable score by Lerner and Lowe, who also wrote My Fair Lady and Brigadoon, this is truly one of the most beloved musicals of all time.

Songs such as "If Ever I Would Leave You," and, of course, "Camelot" will fill the theatre and your heart as you watch this spectacular tale of knights and their quests of bravery and love.
You'll also hear some of the most enduring songs of American Broadway musical theatre including " The joustI Wonder What the King Is Doing Tonight," "Camelot," "Follow Me," "The Lusty Month of May," "C'est Moi," "Then You May Take Me To the Fair," "How To Handle a Woman," "If Ever I Would Leave You," "Parade," "Before I Gaze At You," "The Seven Deadly Virtues," "What Do the Simple Folk Do?," "Fie On Goodness!," "I Loved You Once In Silence," "Guenevere."




Camelot Staff

Director/Choreographer                        Scott Saegesser
Musical Director                                   Phil Rittner
Production Stage Manager                    Jeremy Littlejohn
Scenic Designer                                    Richard Pletcher
Lighting Designer                                  David Castaneda
Costume Designer                                Jan Tobias
Scenic Carpenter                                  Alvin Yoder
Scenic Artist                                         Jeff Stillson
Props Masters                                      Sam Brown Melinda Parks
House Manager/SM                             Melinda Parks
Orchestra Manager                               Ryan Claus
Company Manager/Wigs                      Kristyn Yoder


Cast in order of appearance

King Arthur        Jason Lawergren
Tom of Warwick                        Luke Fattorusso
Sir Dinadan                                Daniel Baker
Sir Lionel                                     Joshua Rubin
Merlyn                                       Jason Sofge
Guenevere                                  Heidi Ferris
Nimue                                         Shoshanna Richman
Page                                            David Smith
Lancelot du Lac                           Marcellus Waller
Squire Dap                                 Luke Fattorusso
Lady Anne                                  Ashley Frost
Lady Sybil                                   Pam Gunterman
Ladies-in-waiting                        Alison Rose Munn, Shoshanna Richman
Sir Sagramore                            Killian Patton
Gentlemen of the court    David Smith, Ian Strimple
King Pellinore                             Sam Brown
Mordred                                    Ian Strimple
Morgan le Fey                            Alison Rose Munn

Phil Rittner
Musical Director/Piano

Ryan Claus

Orchestra Manager/Woodwinds

Debra Inglefield
French Horn/Bells

Candace Thomas

Director's Note

The legend of Camelot and the story of King Arthur have fascinated and inspired people for hundreds of years because of their grandiose ideas and sweepingly dramatic story.  No matter what the life experience of the reader, they are immediately caught up in the wonderfully crafted stories.  It is really a collection of fables for the middle-ages that still inspire and entertain, and will for generations to come.  When Arthur unknowingly runs up to the stone and grabs the sword, we all help him pull, because we believe that if this boy from humble beginnings can be divinely selected to be the king, it can happen to any of us and our hope is renewed.  This is the intangible aspect that makes a story into literature.  What could be a higher goal for the theatre than to bring great literature to life on stage?

For the musical Camelot, Lerner and Lowe chose to focus on the story of the tragic love triangle between Arthur, Guenevere and Lancelot, that finally brought the noble kingdom of Camelot to its heartbreaking end.  It sounds like it will be a melancholy story with a sad ending, but because of the courage and strength of those involved we are inspired and awed right up until the end.  Because all three face adversity with such great nobility and retain their compassion through all trials, we all believe that the goodness of humankind will always prevail.  To me, this is the highest goal to which the theatre or any art form can aspire: a renewal of humanity in the observer.  Yes there is great music and scenery with period costumes and great performances, but the story will always prevail.

Scott Saegesser
Artistic Director

King Pellinore 


Theme Buffet Menu
August 4 September 1, 8
Knights of the Round Table

Legend of Lentil Soup

Legs of Fowl with It's May onaise
Wild Stuffed Mushrooms

Guinevere Greens with Garbanzo

Broken Bread

Round Table Beef with Yorkshire Pudding
Black Raspberry Glazed Chicken with Wild Rice

Noodles ala King Arthur

British Broccoli, Ugh!
Squash Lancelot
Asparagus Spears

Simple Joys of Maidenhood Chocolate Mousse
Strawberry Lady Fingers
Brenda's Famous Crème Brule'

Alcohol Free Wines
Sparkling Juices
Iced Tea

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