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Peter Aker's Round Barn Built in 1911


Round Barn History

By Marie Redman
Daughter of Frank and Anna Aker
July 1992

Mother, Mrs. Peter (Margaret) Aker and six sons, along with a neighbor, Phillip Laudeman, who was a carpenter, built the barn from native lumber.  The farm consisted of eighty acres, then eighty acres more was purchased later which make it a one-hundred sixty acre farm.

Frank Aker, next to the youngest was fourteen years old when the barn was built.  Walter Aker was the oldest, followed by Adam, Edward, Fred, Frank, and Jesse.  Edward had a twin sister Rosa, a total of seven children.  Peter Aker, father was killed in 1906; five years before the barn was built.

When Frank married Anna Murphy in 1918, he took over farming and purchased the farm from his mother.  A new house was built for Margaret on the second eighty acres and there she lived until 1931 when she died at age 69.

Margaret was born in Berne, Switzerland in 1862-came to America in 1880; age 18.  (Spoke mostly German)  Peter Aker came from Germany-came across on same boat as teenagers.  Frank Aker died in 1966 at age 68.  The homestead was then cared for by Frank Aker Jr.; oldest son of Frank and Anna.  Frank Jr. became ill for several years, so the farm was sold in 1987 or 88?  The barn was purchased by Amish Acres in August 1991. 

Frank and Anna Aker had four children.  Frank Jr., Marie (Redman), Arlene (Birkey), and Rolland; all worked on the farm.  Another forty acres was purchased around 1940, so that made a total of 200 acres in the Aker Estate.