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Family Style Dining -- The Choice is Yours!

Family Style Dining

Family Style Dining


Take a 360 tour of the Restaurant Barn

Sit down under the hand-hewn timbers of the Restaurant Barn and enjoy Amish Acres nationally famous Threshers Dinner, a family style feast of Amish country favorites. In tribute to the generations of Amish threshers who band together each harvest season to cut and thresh, thus separating the grain from the chaff, each other’s crops in friendship, mutual aid and neighborliness.

This feast is reminiscent of the hearty fare cooked up by the women in the wood fired stoves, bake ovens, and smoke houses of the host farm in time for the noontime break in the threshing day. Often served out of doors under the shade of orchard trees, the Threshers dinner was and remains the best of all worlds.

Family Style DiningIn the spirit of neighborliness and thanksgiving, and in the tradition of the Threshers Dinner, you’ll share your simple vittles amid the hand hewn beams of John T. Vawter’s bank barn which was originally raised in 1870 and reconstructed here in 1977. Your food is all on the table and there’s more in the kitchen, so like a hungry thresher, don’t be timid, ask for more.

* Our family style Threshers Dinner is all you care to eat, but leftovers may not be carried out.

Best Amish Food in the Area

Amish AcresThe best Amish food that we have had was at Amish Acres. We've been to other Amish Style restaurants in Indiana and in Lancaster, PA and none compare.The server was friendly and did a wonderful job. The food was fresh and very good. Not too salty, lots of sides and the roast beef and chicken were wonderful. as were the stuffing, cole slaw, vegetables, etc. The Restaurant was clean and very pretty. We were seated at a window table where we could see the beautiful grounds.

We will be back!
Visited June 2016


Family Style Dining

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Dining Hours

December 8 - December 30

Thursday - Saturday: 11am - 7pm
Sunday: 11am-5pm

December 31

Saturday: 4pm - 7pm (by NYE reservation only)