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Amish Acres Wine and Beer Menu

Round Barn Dry White Wines

Chardonnay Reserve –Picked at the peak of ripeness, this Chardonnay is put through maloctic
fermentation giving it a creamy buttery characteristic reminiscent of a classic Burgundy Chardonnay. Rich in texture and balance, it is a medium weight wine showing pear and vanilla in oak on the moderately long finish.
Food Pairing: lobster, crab, or chicken dishes

Pinot Gris –Softly dry, a perfect balance of citrus and mineral tones.
Food Pairing: Light Appetizers, salads, mild seafood


Round Barn Semi-Dry White Wines

Riesling –Softly sweet, green apple and pear flavors with a light crisp
Food Pairing: Grilled Pork Loin, grilled chicken salads

White Demi Sec - Classic off dry Germen– style blend; crisp and refreshing with tropical notes.
Food Pairing: BBQ chicken, cheese plates

Gewurztraminer –Gewurztraminer has an unmistakable trademark in its smell. Rich aromas of rose petal and violet, this wine is softly sweet with characteristics of honey and warm vanilla.
Food Pairing: Turkey, Asian, and Mexican cuisine

Edel Doux - “Nobly sweet’ with a rich lingering finish
Food Pairing: Chocolate, mild cheeses


Round Barn Fruit Wines

Farm Market Apple - Light and refreshing, a secret blend of Heirloom apples.
Food Pairing: ham, cheese fondue

Farm Market Blueberry - A crisp wine made from 100% fresh Michigan blueberries grown just miles off the shores of Lake Michigan in South Haven.

Farm Market Cranberry -A delicious blend of sweet and tart, this is one of our best selling wines. A perfect choice for the holidays and the only civilized way to have your
Cranberries. It makes a fantastic cocktail mix.
Food Pairing: A thanksgiving Day must. Chicken, turkey, pork, salads

Round Barn Dry Red Wines

Pinot Noir  -Aged 20 + months; crimson with red berry notes and a silky finish.
Food Pairing: Baby back ribs, pork chops, salmon

Carbernet Sauvignon –King of the reds, Cabernet Sauvignon is the principal component in the great red wines of Bordeaux. Packed with complex flavor, the fruit is fermented on the skins and aged in French Oak to give it richness on the finish
Food Pairing: Steak anyone?

Merlot Reserve –Aged 20+ months; ripe fruit & rich tannin with long finish.
Food Pairing: grilled red meats, Italian foods


Round Barn Semi Dry Red Wines

Red Demi Sec –Slightly Sweet, red berry fruit & cherry aromas
Food Pairing: stews, roasts, hearty pasta dishes

Redel Doux –Sweet, rich and flavorful with a lingering fruit finish
Food Pairing: chocolate, sharp cheeses


Divine Spirits

Black Walnut Creme -A dessert Wine. If you love Irish Cream you have to try this!
Allergy Warning: Contains Nuts & Dairy


Free Run Celler Dry White Wines

Dry Riesling -Crisp and fruity with just a hint of sweetness in the finish, this is a lovely anytime wine.
Food Pairing: Creamy pastas, vegetarian cuisine, seafood, salads

Dry Gewurztraminer -Classic Gewurz nose of honey and rose petal, hints of melon with a lingering spicy finish.
Food Pairing: seafood, chicken, salads, cold sandwiches


Free Run Celler Dry Red Wines

Cabernet Frauc -Aged 20 months; Elderberry resonates on the nose while hints of chocolate and almonds abound
Food Pairing: steak, prime rib, wild games

Union - A “union” of vinifera & hybrid, look for Black Forest fruit on the nose with
fig tobacco & cedar
Food Pairing: BBQ, salmon, tuna


Free Run Celler Fruit Wines

Balaton Cherry -Unique cherry variety from Hungary; intensely rich and spicy finish ,
unbelievable with mulled spices
Food Pairing: chocolate, ice cream, a sauce base or component in a pie filling


Round Barn Handcrafted Brews

Vacation Wheat Ale - We know you look forward to it all year, and that makes Vacation the perfect name for our seasonal wheat ale. Take a well deserved break, kick back and enjoy this 12 ounce vacation! A hybrid of an American wheat beer and a
Belgian Wit style with tropical fruit notes, coriander and a light clean finish. (ABV 5.80%)

Kolsch Style - Our Kölsch style beer is a golden-blonde ale that is our version of Cologne's native style. Soft, subtle maltiness and a clean finish make it a great thirst-quencher. Kölsch pairs well with spicy foods, or by itself. Enjoy with friends and in good health. (ABV 5.20%)

Bob's Your Uncle - "Bob's Your Uncle" is a phrase used mainly in British & Commonwealth
nations to conclude a simple set of instructions to mean "you're all set", "there you have it," or our favorite: "yadda, yadda, yadda".An easy drinking session beer with a light body and mouthfeel. Look for hints of caramel finished with a toasty note. Enjoy the earthy hop bitterness that is distinctly English. (ABV 4.80%)

Indecision Ale - Indecision: Reluctance or an inability to make up one's mind. What started out as our Amber Ale several years ago has morphed into something that doesn't fit into a specific category. We struggled with what to call this: Red, Amber, etc. but nothing really captures the full character of this ale. In the end Indecision became our decision.A copper colored ale with plenty of malt and hop character, this beer features a dark malt backbone that distinguishes it from anything else. If you can't decide what beer to drink, then Indecision is really your only decision! (ABV 5.30%)

Wood Oaked IPA - From the first taste of this IPA you will pick up the fresh oak character and Cascade hop bitterness that gives this beer a balanced finish. Pairs well with Asian or Mexican dishes, grilled meats and of course, IPA's classic mate, Indian curry. (ABV 6.75%)

Oronoko Cocoa Stout - When spelled Orinoco: A type of cocoa that comes from the Orinoco River Basin in Central America, and the chocolate that is used in this stout. Contains lactose (milk sugar). (ABV 5.80%)